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March 2015 - the media covered Governor Cuomo’s policy of deleting all emails older than 90 days to and from New York State government.  The State publicly admitted it has been doing this since 2007.  This was reported in the press in March, but astonishingly there has not been much done about it.  People in NY are amazingly complacent about government malfeasance.   We are preparing to file for an injunction against the State, to prevent it from deleting further evidence pertaining to complaints.   There is no reason, technical, financial, or otherwise, for the State to destroy complaint records.  If, for example, a patient is or has a child, the Statute of Limitations doesn’t even start ticking until the child turns 18.  Some of these complaints go back many years.  So even if some legislators in Albany — who want to force the government to preserve emails for 7 years — were able to achieve that objective, that additional time would still be inadequate.     


October, 2014 - We're up to 40+ patients!

May 26th, 2014 - We filed a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council