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The Psychiatry industry's lax regulatory compliance habits

It is illegal to practice medicine without being licensed and currently registered by the State, just as it is to drive a car without a valid license and registration.  The difference is that a psychiatrist's job isn’t as innocuous as other licensed vocations, such as plumbing or cosmetology.  A psychiatrist has the power to routinely deprive people of their liberty without notice, and prescribe potentially dangerous medications, so the implications of his noncompliance with professional licensure rules are potentially far more damaging.


The following is an example of the little-known lax regulatory compliance that goes on in the psychiatry industry.  This problem is not unique to Northwell Health (formerly Long Island Jewish), but we have done more research on this institution to date than any other.

Following are official certificates from the New York State Department of Education’s Office of Professional Licensing – most notably, the Chairman of Psychiatry at Northwell Health (formerly North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (NSLIJ)) himself, Dr. John M. Kane.  Astonishingly, we discovered that not only was the psychiatrist who committed Lauren Andersen unsupervised, and unlicensed to practice medicine in New York State at the time -- Dr. Harsimran Brar -- but no fewer than four of the other doctors who mistreated her were unlicensed, at the time of her hospitalization: Drs. Lauren Hanna, Shveta Mittal and Nishanie Gunawardane.  

We thought this was astonishing, until we received certificates for the other heads of the department of psychiatry at NSLIJ  -- and discovered that the licensure applies to most of the rest of them. Drs. Blaine Greenwald, Victor Fornari, Bruce Levy, Mark Russ, and Petre Manu -- all have been unregistered for 2 to 14 years at a stretch.  And two of the heads of the ward where Lauren Andersen was incarcerated were also unregistered for several years each: Dr. Alan Mendelowitz and Dr. Ronald Rosenberg.  Dr. Stewart Lipner's credentials were misrepresented on the NSLIJ website - he is not an MD; he is a psychologist.  These certificates were provided to us directly by the New York State Department of Education.  

Have we misintepreted something here?  If we have, please let us know.  These individuals and Northwell have not challenged the accuracy of this information. If the situation is this bad in one of the "best" hospital systems in the country, imagine how it is in the other ones. 

And if this weren't shocking enough, we then discovered the following...

Ann M. Sullivan, MD, Acting Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH)

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD, Medical Director of the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH)  
UNREGISTERED 1973-85, & 1986-02
Kristin M. Woodlock, RN, former Acting Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health 
Wouldn't you think these people would bother to register as medical professionals in the very state where they are taking a leadership role in their field?  

Two of these documents are below; they and the others are also at the following links:

Drs. Sullivan & Sederer, and Ms. Woodlock, from the New York State Office of Mental Health

Dr. John M. Kane, MD - Chairman of Psychiatry

Dr. Blaine Greenwald, MD, Vice Chairman of Psychiatry

Dr. Victor Fornari, MD, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Bruce Levy, MD, Director, Education and Training

Dr. Mark Russ, MD, Director of Acute Care Psychiatry

Dr. Petre Manu, MD, Director of Medical Services

Dr. Stewart Lipner, PhD, Director of Psychological Services

Dr. Alan MendelowitzMD, Psychiatry

Dr. Ronald Rosenberg, MD, Psychiatry

Dr. Harsimran BrarMD, Psychiatry

Dr. Lauren Hanna, MD, Psychiatry

Dr. Shveta Mittal, PhD, Psychology

Dr. Nishanie Gunawardane, DO




Chairman of Psychiatry at North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, John M. Kane